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February 7, 2018
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March 3, 2018

TrueFire – Cathy Fink’s 30 Acoustic Guitar Americana Licks You Must Know (Instant Download from Truefire.com)


Cathy’s collection of 30 licks spans a wide variety of Americana styles and techniques. For example, you’ll learn an easy but very contemporary sounding G to Am7 vamp, and then a very interesting Am to D7 lick that lands you very tastefully in the key of G. ‘Extending the Line’ is a great application of double-stops running all the way up the guitar neck. ‘The Outlaw’ is a simple vamp lick that conveys the feeling of a western movie swingin’ between A minor and G.

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Americana invokes guitar styles influenced by blues, country, old-time, swing, jazz, and all of the American roots styles. You’ll find that most of these licks are easily played with either a flatpick or with fingerpicks. If you are a songwriter, you’re going to enjoy adding more colors to your chords. These licks will fit right into songs you know, and might even inspire new songs. Regardless, you’ll find them to be easy to learn and practice and easy to incorporate into your playing. Enjoy!


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