Committed to helping families and caregivers strengthen their bond with song, SING TO YOUR BABY and CÁNTALE A TU BEBÉ provide pre-literacy building blocks that children and families can grow with from day of birth through early childhood. A guide for parents along with 11 songs in two different keys for high and lower voices is included.

Training for parents, librarians, doulas, music therapists, infant/toddler daycare providers. Training workshops include three elements, Philosophy, Repertoire & Practice as well as a discussion of the connections between bonding, literacy, pre-literacy and social-cognitive skills that music can provide are also highlighted. And then, we learn the repertoire in a fun, participatory style. Participants will learn to make the songs their own and build confidence in using them.

From library children’s rooms to small concert spaces, Cathy & Marcy engage parents, caregivers, older siblings and family in the joy of a simple family sing-along that embraces the love for a new baby and the bond families have together.

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Alisa Kaeser,  202-667-1076