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February 27, 2017
January 18, 2013

TrueFire – Marcy Marxer’s Swingin’ Rhythm Handbook (DVD)


Two things that everybody seems to agree on though is that “swing” is all about feel and if want to learn how to play Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rock-a-Billy, House, Gypsy, Country or even Ska — you definitely need to know how to swing. And no better way to do that than with Marcy Marxer’s Swingin’ Rhythm Guitar Handbook.

TrueFire – Marcy Marxer’s Swingin’ Rhythm Handbook (DVD or Instant Download) 85 videos, 174 minutes of instruction!

The course is broken down into several sections. In the first section, you’ll learn the optimal right and left-hand positions and techniques for playing swing rhythm guitar. The second section covers the moveable chord voicings, inversions and chord progressions you’ll need a grip on — learn these and you’ll be able to play hundreds of tunes with them! You’ll also learn your first swing tune, Stay All Night. In the third section, Marcy shows you more chords, some alternate fingerings, some tips for economy of motion, and another swing tune, Get Along Home. The course continues with new chords, alternate fingering, 12 bar blues, swing and more!

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