ELECTRIC GUITAR FOR KIDS 1 & 2 (DVD or Instant Download)
October 8, 2019
KIDS GUITAR 1 (DVD or Instant Download)
January 3, 2013

KIDS GUITAR 2 (Instant Download)


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Homespun Tapes, Ltd.® © 1989
Taught by Marcy Marxer

More Easy Lessons!
If your child is ready to learn more chords, strums and songs, Marcy’s second series of guitar lessons moves to a whole new level. These clear, upbeat lessons cover simple fingerpicking arpeggios, the use of the capo and basic chord theory. Your child will gain the tools and musical knowledge to learn hundreds of folk, country, spiritual, school and campfire songs, including: Won’t It Be Joyful; Shortenin’ Bread; Hey, Ho, Nobody Home; This Old Man; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; I’ve Been Working On The Railroad; Heart And Soul; Hush Little Baby.

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