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February 8, 2013
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February 6, 2013

Clawhammer Ukulele 2 (Digital Video Download)

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Clawhammer uke is a gas; highly rhythmic, super Americana, and absolutely guaranteed to trigger big smiles and tapping feet in your audience. Clawhammer refers to its down-picking technique where the hand forms a claw-like shape and the strings are struck by the fingers in a down-picking style.

13 videos, 1 hr. 25 min. of instruction
Clawhammer Ukulele 2 starts with learning the drop-thumb (double thumbing) technique. We apply it to tunes in the open C tuning with chords, melody and double stops (2 note chords). We then move into F tuning and build on those skills. If you’ve learned clawhmmer ukulele from Module 1, or you are an experienced clawhammer uke player, this module will take you to the next level!


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