To register for workshops, send $35/workshop OR $150 for the Weekend Pass (limited quantity available) via PayPal to “”, be sure to include the workshop(s) you would like to register for. We will send you private Zoom meeting links for each workshop you register for. Send payment as “family/friend” to avoid service fee. Questions?
SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 8 PM (US and Canada)
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11:30 AM Eastern (US and Canada)
Weekend Guitar Retreat Welcome
15 minute gathering for introductions and questions.

12 PM  Eastern (US and Canada)
Bluegrass Guitar Workshop with Avril Smith of Della Mae
We will work together to improve your bluegrass guitar skills, as both a rhythm and lead player. We will learn a few standard songs and tunes, working on rhythm playing ideas to vary strumming patterns and bass runs in ways that best support the song or soloist. We will also practice finding melodies by ear and work on approaches to building melodic solos. Students should be able to play a handful of fiddle tunes and bluegrass songs.
2 PM Eastern (US and Canada)
Intro to Swing Guitar with Marcy Marxer

Join in the irresistible fun of playing Swing Guitar.  Marcy will give you 3 Chord Progressions in 2 Keys for a total of 6 progressions.  With those progressions you’ll be able to Swing up and down the fingerboard ready to jam on Swing, Western Swing and Honkey Tonk tunes.  She’ll also give you 3 easy forms for playing solos.  Get ready for some big, big fun! Marcy will provide a Dropbox link to materials and essential listening a few days before the workshop.
4 PM Eastern (US and Canada)
Big Guitar Tool Box with Mary Flower
How much can we squeeze into our allotted time? I’ll do my best to make it through the following list of guitar must-knows, and more, if time allows: Fingerpicking patterns (including Travis), adding melodies to the Travis, bass runs, improv in dropped D tuning, turnarounds in different keys and a song or two into which we can incorporate these bits and pieces. I’ll also introduce a sample 8 and 12 bar blues in E. All levels are welcome but this class is well-suited for advanced beginners/intermediate players.

12 PM Eastern (US and Canada)
Carter Family Guitar Style
with Cathy Fink
Maybelle Carter played lead on the Wildwood Flower when she was just 19 years old. Her sound permeated early country guitar influencing Doc Watson to modern rock players. We’ll explore this thumb-lead technique that allows the guitarist to be both rhythm and lead at the same time. The style is adaptable to both flatpicking and using a thumbpick for lead.

2 PM Eastern (US and Canada)
Improvisation on Guitar with Lisa Liu
Learn Lisa’s approach and technique to improvisation taking a look at the song “All of Me” as an example. This will include interesting chord inversions including those that she uses for composing. Lisa will also show you her warm up routine, and picking exercises to improve your right and left hand coordination and speed.
4 PM Eastern (US and Canada)
Guitar Retreat Jam Session with All Staff
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