All Wigged Out

Marcy Marxer is a GRAMMY® winning singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who takes us on her expedition through Breast Cancer and neuropathy caused by Chemotherapy, tempered by her wacky sense of humor and ability to make the personal universal. Her musical and life partner, Cathy Fink is Marcy's advocate in the doctors' offices, her number one fan and bandleader in the show with Stacy McMichael on bass and Janet Cramer on drums. Cathy also plays the mammogram technician, Cindy at the Wig Shop and Marcy's mother. 

The heartwarming musical comedy takes us through Marcy's many stages of diagnosis and discovery with hope, grace and her unique style. From comparing her cancer journey to being dragged through a car wash while playing the musical washboard, to dealing with everyone's "Unsolicited Advice" to showing the ridiculous "My Chemo Bag" given to her at the hospital, Marcy sticks to the truth while finding humor in many moments. Why is there a lint roller in that bag? Cindy at the Wig Shop put Marcy at ease in the transition to baldness, and also at times told more truth than the doctors who soft-pedaled potential side effects to treatment. 

The ten songs span multiple styles of music showcasing Marcy's talents on the ukulele, mandolin and electric guitar through swing, punk, rock, jazz, Gospel and old-time country. Marcy triumphs over adversity while celebrating forty years together with the love of her life and musical partner, Cathy, ending with a perfect duet, "Two Peas In A Pod." The American Cancer Society has indicated that by the year 2030, 1 in 2 people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer. Sooner or later all of us will be caregivers, patients, loved ones in someone's cancer circle. ALL WIGGED OUT helps us navigate this maze while showcasing the power of hope, the power of love and the power of advocacy. GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tom Paxton called it, "Hilarious and deeply moving."

Filmed by the Emmy Award winning HMS Media in Evanston, IL before a live audience. Directed by Tracy Walsh. Run time: 58 minutes.


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Selected Past Screenings

  • New Haven Doc Festival, CT
  • Hi-Pointe Theater, St. Louis
  • Ballad Health/Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Bristol, TN
  • Creative Alliance, Baltimore
  • Hope Connections for Cancer Support, Silver Spring, MD
  • NC Museum of Art, Raleigh
  • American Nurses Association, virtual
  • Ft. Lee Library, NJ
  • Women in the Arts Festival, Lansing, MI
  • Hopewell Cancer Support, Baltimore, MD
  • PINK: Lighting the Way, Worcestor, MA



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What They're Saying

ALL WIGGED OUT is heartwarming, touching, hilarious and SO relatable! A true 'must see' for us all.“

Doreen Bickel, American Nurses Association

ALL WIGGED OUT invites audiences to rethink how we approach life-threatening diagnoses as both patients and caregivers. With its humor and humanity, audiences are reminded each of us is stronger than we think and there are everyday changes in the process for which we can advocate.”

Katherine White, Deputy Director, North Carolina Museum of Art


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“Your film is a joyous and rousing tribute to an inspiring musician going through her worst nightmare. We were charmed by the way ALL WIGGED OUT managed to take an absolutely horrifying subject matter and make dealing with it a hopeful and sunny experience.”

A film festival that did not include ALL WIGGED OUT

“All Wigged Out” shines a light to show what emotions, challenges and triumphs LGBTQ couples go through when dealing with life’s obstacles such as cancer. “All Wigged Out” offers insights for caregivers, families and friends of cancer patients and others living with illness, but it is also unabashedly LGBTQ and feminist, and a hugely entertaining and comic show that demonstrates a universally moving personal story.”

Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO

“ALL WIGGED OUT is heartwarming, touching, hilarious and SO relatable! A true “must see” for us all.“

Tom Paxton, GRAMMY® Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

“Laughter and tears I didn’t know I needed.”

Lillian Werbin, CEO Elderly Instruments, Daughter of Breast Cancer Survivor

“This needs to be seen by patients, nurses, and docs in the field. Thank you for giving me more insight to better care for my patients.”

Lisa Thieme, RN, BSN, Oncology Certified Nurse

“All Wigged Out is also about the caregiver/advocate and her parallel journey, and ultimately it's about love, of and for one another, something we all reach for. And how many thousands of households in the world can tell and relate to that story?”

Michael J. Miles, Musician

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