Guitar in the Mountains (Workshops run April 7-10)w/Marcy Marxer + Cathy Fink
April 7, 2016
Cathy w/The Matt Flinner Trio
April 22, 2016

April News, Short & Sweet

We spent 3 weeks in the mountains of NC, leading guitar and banjo workshops, jamming with locals, visiting the guitar workshop of EJ & Wayne Henderson, hiking, quilting, reading, practicing, writing, making new friends and singing with the old. E.J. is follwing in her dad’s footsteps, making fine ukes and guitars. Check her out HERE.

Girlsin Shop

Cathy Fink 30 Acoustic Americana Guitar Licks


EJ, Kay Justice, Marcy, Cathy

Cathy’s brand new course “30 AMERICANA LICKS YOU SHOULD KNOW for acoustic guitar has just been released by Truefire., If you are a singer, songwriter or just goof off with acoustic guitar, you might find it helpful and 33 lessons in 124 minutes come to your computer for only $19.

So now, we’re working on secret projects. Those are the things we do that we don’t talk about until they are done!

Here are a few more pics from our banjo & guitar workshops, “Music in the Mountains”. More will happen!

And, a little name dropping. Pics include Betty Vornbrock (fiddle), Sam Gleaves (banjo), Adam Hurt (banjo), Liam Purcell (guitar), banjo students, pals, mountains, food, sunset.

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