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August 21, 2015
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September 13, 2015


“Mr. Redford”, I said. “Where art thy trekking poles? I saw them attached to your pack, but you are supposed to use them to trek with.” He ignored me. I guess I wasn’t in the movie, and did not have my makeup artist with me while they were filming “A Walk in the Woods”. It was also interesting that he did not endure the nightly struggle to hang his bear bag. Of course, he might have avoided the bear eating his potato chips……. And I honestly do not believe either he or Mr. Nolte managed to do the rock scramble straight up Mt. Albert, early in the trail. I barely made it, but was smart enough to graciously accept the “pack assistance” one of my fellow hikers offered. Otherwise, I was ready for my Cheryl Straid moment where I dramatically throw the pack over the side of the mountain. Think straight up on hands and knees.Albert

But what happened with the GREAT MOUSE HERD? Did we conquer?

Read about it in Cathy’s Huffington Post Blog.

Then, share, comment on the Huffington Post site and make merry while training for your own adventure!

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