Tribute to Hazel & Alice w/Alice Gerrard, Dudley Connell & Sally Love, Cathy & Marcy
May 21, 2015
May 22-24, Marcy teaches at Ashokan Uke Camp
May 24, 2015

Well over 20 years ago, a geeky kid hung out in the DC folk music scene. His parents were active in the Folklore Society of Greater Washington and the kid grew up with a strong mix of traditional music, social justice and chutzpah. He has since become a GRAMMY nominated music producer, Unitarian minister, excellent musician and delightful human being. Who? DAN SCHATZ

Dan “re-entered” my life as co-producer of the tribute to Utah Phillips double CD,“SINGING THROUGH THE HARD TIMES”. He proved to be a gentle and effective organizer of almost 40 musicians to honor one of our greatest songwriting and monologue characters, Bruce Phillips. I was honored to be part of that project as well as his next one,“DEAR JEAN: Artists Celebrating Jean Ritchie”.

While getting to know Dan all over again, I heard him play the most beautiful sounding autoharp parts, lead songs that made you want to sing, and write new songs worth hearing. I don’t say that about everyone!

`That’s why I am supporting his new recording, “THE PROMISE OF SOWING” and invite you to join me. In his own words, “All of the songs center on the people who give us our food – farmers, field hands, and fisher folk – and the earth that sustains us all. It’s an eclectic collection, honoring people and the environment, deeply rooted in tradition and place.”

Well, over ten years ago, Cathy & Marcy won a GRAMMY Award for a children’s recording that did something similar, so the topic, sentiment and purpose resonate with us. So does the concept of recordings that are about something important, other than “me, me, me-what do you think about me….” Frankly, I like knowing that the groundwork laid by Pete and Woody took seed and carries through generations.

Join Cathy & Marcy in supporting great music at a time when the music industry is confused and artists still want to make quality records:  click here to be a part of the Indiegogo Campaign


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