Lemons into Lemonade! PJ Party in the Snow, Sleet & Rain!
December 9, 2013
Marcy w/Four Bitchin\’ Babes
December 14, 2013

TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO, we began an annual tradition of making Gingerbread Houses & their surrounding estates with friends and families. It’s a way to spend fun time together while being creative. Each family takes their creation home and enjoys it for even longer. the spirit of crazy creativity, cooperation, laughing, singing, sometimes a break for hula hooping or running outside-the spirit prevails.

We made this video many years ago with kids who are now in high school. The photo is from our 1st Gingerbread Party in 1991. These kids are grownup-one married……..EEEEEEK. We’re still having fun and hope this inspires you to have some.


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