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September 11, 2013
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October 1, 2013

Every once in a while, we receive a letter or email from a kid or parent that fills us with awe. In our 33 years of work together, music for children and families has been one of several centerpieces. We’ve made 20 recordings in this broad genre, mentored other artists, produced albums by other artists, written and co-written songs and adapted traditional songs. We want this to be entertaining, but also to feed hearts. Corny, but true.

So, when we received a long email from Blaine, 14 year old girl in Washington States, we had one of those moments where we looked at each other and said, “What we do really is worthwhile.”  Blaine gave us permission to print this, and we also checked in with her mom to make sure. Her mom reminded us that 9 years ago, when Blaine turned 5, we phoned her cross country to sing to her on her birthday.

It’s the personal stuff that really matters.

Blaine also sent us some of her artwork to show you. We are honored to be part of what she feels is important about the connection between music and the heart.

Thanks Blaine.

Dear Cathy and Marcy,

    When I was two, my mom brought home Pillow Full of Wishes for me. I loved it instantly, especially “Rainbow’s End” which I would play on repeat nonstop. Now I’m fourteen. And yesterday, I listened to your songs for hours. I never ever get tired of them. I LOVE your music! Still! And I always will!
My name is Blaine (I’m a girl, though). And I want to tell you guys thank you, thank you so much for your beautiful music! I listen to your children’s music, but to me it doesn’t feel like only little baby music or anything. It feels like love. And it’s so pretty and has such a sweet message. Like “Number One”. “Number One” is one of my favorites about respecting everyone, especially yourself. Because really, people are way too mean to themselves.

Blaine loves HMS

She continues with this:

The other day when I was listening to your music for hours, I was working on a magazine I make, Real Ladies. It started when I was nine as a fashion magazine, but it’s become more about healthy self-image. And I just had to write about Number One in it. Because really, that song is such an important message for all people, the way it makes you feel so loved no matter what complaints you have about yourself – because we all have them, but the question is how much do they matter? – and there’s no better song to help you stay true to yourself. I listen to other music too, including rock music that’s quite different from your lullabies, but your music is my top most favorite and always has been. And as people, you guys seem much more… real than pop stars and whoever else. You don’t try to sell your music by being outrageous, or by looking like twenty-year-old dolls in corsets. You just love people. And you want kids to love themselves. You’ve been so inspirational, so here’s a link to Real Ladies in case you wanted to see and read about yourselves.

You can read her blog here:

We are really proud of Blaine for being so honest, creative and independent.

There’s a section on us here:

The blog has a fabulous page on “How to Be a Real Lady”

And a lovely tribute to Mama Cass Elliott

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