Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo Module 1
TrueFire – Cathy Fink’s Clawhammer Banjo, Intermediate Module 1 (DVR-Disc with Software, Tab, Etc.)
January 3, 2013
January 3, 2013

TrueFire – Cathy Fink’s Clawhammer Banjo Beginner Module 2 (DVR-Disc with Software, Tab, Etc. )

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In Module 2, Cathy steps up your clawhammer banjo game with more cool tunings, chords, scales, insight and of course more songs for your repertoire, each filled with additional key techniques that you can use in hundreds and hundreds of songs. You’ll learn Coming Round the Mountain, Careless Love, Walkin’ in the Parlor, Needlecase, Mississippi Sawyer, Angeline the Baker, Soldier’s Joy, and Get Along Home Cindy. Completing this module rounds out your clawhammer banjo chops with enough skills to take on virtually any song or standard banjo tune and lays a solid foundation for an advanced learning study program (coming soon from Cathy!) and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Everything is demonstrated and broken down note-by-note in full living color. The interactive lesson player equips you with handy tools for zooming, looping and for calling up charts, tab and notation with a single click. Slow and at tempo playalongs get you in the clawhammer groove quickly and accelerate the learning process. You will play your way through the course – no tedious theory or boring exercise to struggle through!

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