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Sing To Your Baby® Women’s T-Shirt
August 23, 2013
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I’m Gonna Tell Cathy Fink & Duck Donald with Peter Paul Van Camp (original vinyl)
April 24, 2015

Truefire – Banjo for Guitar Players – DVR-Disc with Software, Tab, Etc.

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Cathy’s Banjo for Guitar Players is NOT a beginners banjo course — its an accelerated learning program designed solely for guitar players with one end in mind — to get you up and running on banjo as quickly as possible. She accomplishes this by skipping over all of the rudimentary material that a flat-out beginner would require.

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You play guitar. You dig old time music, bluegrass, folk and the blues. You love to hangout with your buds and jam. Naturally, you’ve always been drawn to the inimitable sound of the banjo because the music that you love to play and listen to just doesn’t sound right without it.

Deep down inside, you’ve always wanted to learn how to play one but there’s too big of a learning curve and you just don’t have not enough time to do it right. Right? Wrong!

You are literally just hours away from playing your first tune on the banjo in either bluegrass or clawhammer style. How is that possible? Because you already have almost all of the requisite skills. No kidding.


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