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May 24, 2016
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April 22, 2016

Andy Offutt Irwin – Andy’s Wild Amphibian Show!

$15.00 $10.00

Andy Offut Irwin’s very first CD for all-ages! Well-known in storytelling circles, he is a recipient of the “Circle of Excellence” awards from the National Storytelling Network.

His first release for children featuring two full-length stories and two story/ songs.  The title track is a tale of the last day of summer vacation complete with tadpoles, ridiculous parental questions, a five gallon pickle jar and a cat named “Bootsie”.

The recording ends with a superlative whistling on the Fats Waller tune, “I Love to Whistle”, with GRAMMY-winning duo Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer’s harmonious yodeling.

The latest Quotes/Reviews!
“Georgia-based storyteller hits the same pleasant storyteller notes as [Bill] Harley — the feeling that childhood is every bit as adventurous as adulthood, empowerment in small bites, and, of course, the occasional silly voice.”    –
“Listening to Andy Offutt Irwin’s new recording is like getting the latest Mad Magazine in the mailbox.  Or listening to a combination of Shel Silverstein, Spike Jones (go find him), and your weird uncle, who you hope comes to visit you, bringing some kind of water balloon contraption.  And the main thing is, kids know he’s on their side. It’s not even a matter of remembering – he knows what it feels like.  Is there a higher compliment? Not in my book. – Bill Harley


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