Canote Twins Baby Photo
Meet Identical Twins Greg & Jere Canote-Stringband Wizards & Comedians
October 30, 2014
Nov. 6-9, Cathy & Marcy Present Workshops and Perform!
November 6, 2014

We’ve had some great help by large talents on this recording. Sue Ennis (songwriter with rock band HEART) wrote the song “Soccer Shoes” after we had several discussions about a song for kids who live in two households with divorced parents. There’s still plenty of love for the kids, but there are challenges. Sue put herself in the place of one child shuffling between homes and immediately understood that it would be confusing to remember where all your STUFF is.

Then we enlisted our favorite R&B band, Tommy Lepson (keyboards) & Dave Chappell (guitar), John Preveti (bass), John Thomakos (drums), Horns: Graham Breedlove, Matt Neiss, Xavier Perez. How do you make a song about a tricky topic fun? right song, right band-bingo.

Kids chorus directed by Kelly Breedlove

Have a listen to “Soccer Shoes”. We are working hard on the artwork, packaging, a full music video to the title song, “Dancin’ in the Kitchen” that involved some fun kitchen dance parties. We’re also touring, performing, teaching, writing new songs and making some new friends with this project.

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