Marcy Teaches and Performs!
November 8, 2014
Cathy & Marcy Family Concert!
November 15, 2014

Work and fun come together in this new video of the title song of the CD YOU have all helped come to life! How’d we do it? We took cameras around to various friends with various diverse families to their kitchens and played the song over and over again, videotaping the fun. Jim Robeson, the video editor, also came to OUR kitchen and we had a soup making party with friends who also danced in our kitchen. Then Jim & Cathy tore their hair out trying to decide what to use and what to leave out because it was ALL so fun.

We hope you love this video, over and over and over again. If it goes viral, and the song goes viral, and the concepts of diverse families goes viral, and world peace comes, or at least more acceptance of families being “a feeling of belonging”, we’re all ahead! If you all shared it 10 times, that could result in 1500 views. 100 times, 150,000 views.

And if you posted your own families dancing in the kitchen, you’d be setting a great example for the world-food, fun, family, music dance…what could be better?          Video Link:

p.s. If you are in Boston this Saturday, 11/15 we have 2 shows

KIDS/FAMILY show Club Passim 10:30am TIX SING “DANCIN’ IN THE KITCHEN” with us!

FOLK/ECLECTIC show Folk Song Society of Greater Boston @7:30pm TIX

If you are in New York, have 2 shows next weekend. Friday Nov. 21- Guitar concert at Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Martin Guitar Exhibit. FREE with museum admission. 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday, Nov. 22: Symphony Space Kids Show – Come and Sing “DANCIN’ IN THE KITCHEN”  WITH US! 10:30AM

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